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I graduated from DePaul University on June 12th 2016.

I am a self-directed and motivated Software Engineer who works effectively in a dynamic environment. Fluent in Java, PHP and C++. Dedicated to constantly improving tools and infrastructure to maximize productivity, minimize system downtime and quickly respond to the changing needs of the business.

My Resume

  • Work Experience

  • IT Consultant

    Electrical Systems & Services, Inc - Jan 2017 - Current
    • Upgraded bare-metal Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2016 VM.
    • Replaced Fortinet Firewall with PFSense.
    • Migrated from dovecot mail server to Zimbra Open Source.
    • Maintained and monitored the server room, the wireless network and other server infrastructure.
    • Set up staff workstations with PCs, Macs, phones and laptops.
    • Analyzed market trends and the competitive landscape to understand opportunities and potential value.
    • Implemented and administered advanced Microsoft technologies.
    • Installed software, modified and repaired hardware and resolved technical issues.
    • Installed, configured, tested and maintained operating systems, application software and system management tools.
  • PHP Developer & Devops Engineer

    Beakon Labs, LLC - Jul 2015 - Feb 2017
    • API development with Laravel framework for Nightstir mobile app.
    • Modified existing software to correct errors, upgrade interfaces and improve performance.
    • Worked closely with other team members to plan, design and develop robust solutions in a timely manner.
    • Wrote maintainable and extensible code in a team environment.
    • Implemented designs, including experimentation and multiple iterations.
  • PHP Developer (Contract)

    Iris Reading, LLC - Jul 2016 - Sep 2016
    • Developed API using the Laravel framework for Blinky Reader mobile app.
    • Prepared detailed reports concerning project specifications and activities.
    • Rapidly prototyped new capabilities to confirm feasibility.
    • Researched, designed and implemented scalable applications for information identification, extraction, analysis, retrieval and indexing.
    • Directed software design and development while remaining focused on client needs.
    • Interfaced with business analysts, developers and technical support to determine the best requirement specifications.
  • Systems/Network Administrator

    Electrical Systems & Services, Inc - Dec 2015 - Jan 2016
    • Migrated Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 to Linux mail server stack (dovecot, postfix, amavisd)
    • Implemented and maintained firewalls, series switches and security appliances.
    • Kept up-to-date on new developments in computer and network vulnerabilities, data hiding and encryption.
    • Upgraded and expanded network systems and their components.
    • Setup Remote Desktop for remote employee accessibility.

  • Education

  • B.S. Computer Science

    DePaul University - 2010 - 2016
    • Member of DePaul's Fundamental Research in Academic Gaming (DeFRAG)
    • Developed job match website for senior capstone on a team of 5 using Java Spring Boot framework, which uses our algorithm to match you with relevant jobs automatically upon job post creation.

My Services

API Development


Systems / Network Administration

Back-end Web Development





A full PHP development environment for Docker. Includes pre-packaged Docker Images, all pre-configured to provide a wonderful PHP development environment.

Docker Burp Server

Burp is a network backup and restore program. It attempts to reduce network traffic and the amount of space that is used by each backup.


RateMyPaul is a browser extension that makes choosing DePaul courses easy by retrieving professor ratings from RateMyProfessors.com

Dota 2 Replay Manager

A Qt5 GUI application for labeling your downloaded DOTA 2 replays to make them more meaningful.

LoL Replay Parsing Server

A Server/Client for parsing and viewing LRF replay files for League of Legends.

ToDo List Manager

A Simple Qt5 application for keeping track of current tasks to do.

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